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Welcome to my website for the Angel Essences!!  I am a  manifestation aromatherapist, and 8 years ago I started designing Essences with Holy Water, and all pure ingredients for manifestation: The Angel Essences for Protection and Miracles, The Classic Line, Love Angel Essences, Essences for Children, and Special Blends. Now I have the new line of Special Blends.  Special Blends designed just for you according to your Birthday.  New pages on this website will be arriving to list all the Special Blends available to you and that you can order.  You can also request a Special Blend to manifest or design something in your Life!!  My clients have helped me so much in the forward growth of Angel Essences!!
 All of those are made by me, under the guidance of your Angels and Guides.  Starting with the Amber Angel Essence that I designed for myself, the Essence was so popular that I designed more.  There are now over 25 Angel Essences and more on the way!! 

New Angel Essences!!
Angel Sage Clearing and Cleansing Angel Essence

Soul Mate Angel Essences (summer 2015)

Angel Warrior Angel Essence

Twin Flame Angel Essence

Angel's Speed Angel Essence

Guardian Angel Angel Essence


Any Angel Essence is available to order!!
For $20.00
and get any other Angel Essence
for only $7.50 a bottle!!
Limit is 3 bottles per person 
for this special!!

Call 480-802-1855
or email:  www.MLC192@aol.com
to order!!

Many Blessings
Marylou C.
Angel Counselor/Ordained Minister
Manifestation Aromatherapist

www.TrustAngelsToday.com  (The Power Prayer List)

 If you ever have a question about any of the Angel Essences or how they are manifested, please call me at 480-802-1855 or email me at   www.MLC192@aol.com. 

Join my email list at  www.TrustYourAngels.com and join the membership, privatized email list!!  Or just send me an email on this site, and I will add you to my email family!
Please forward this site to your friends!  Also look for new, exciting news every month on this site!!
Many Blessings to you and welcome to the world of manifestation!!

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