Angel Essences:
$20.00 for  1 oz.

$30 for 2 oz.

There is Holy Water in all the Angel Essences.
No alcohol or fillers.
All pure ingredients.
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All orders have a $5.00 shipping and handling fee.
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All Angel Essences need to be used everyday for manifestation to occur.
Angel Essences for Children
This page lists Essences that can be used for children.  You may see Essences listed from the other lines - Angels say that new ones will be coming just for children!

Only the purest ingredients will ever be used in Angel Essences.  We are looking to bottle these in a plastic container versus the current glass format.,,,,Marylou
French Lavender Angel Essence
Lavender Angel Essence is specially formulated for healing, peace and contentment.  Clients use it at home, work and in their car.  Spray this anytime in your Energy field for optimum effect.
Angel's Protection Angel Essence
This highly powerful molecular blend will put you in a bubble of protection around you aura.  This Essence will help against:
  • Toxic Stress
  • Low Vibrational Energy
  • Environmental Stress
  • Negative Vibrations
  • Eases nightime dreams so you can sleep
  • Good for children and pets
This blend protects you from people forming etheric connections, ties, strings, cords and ropes used to drain your energy.

Some of the ingredients include Neroli, Myrrh, and Angelica.  Just spray over the Crown Chakra every 4 to 6 hours to put you in a bubble of protection.

Angel Feather Angel Essence
This is my newest Angel Essence, a blend of the finest oils available."Angel Feather" was given this name because as you all know, if you find a feather, your Angels are near you.

"Angel Feather" is to give you lightness of being  and to help your wishes come true.  It is used to call in your Angels when you need them!   Every time you think of a wish, you spray the "Angel Feather" over your crown chakra to help manifest this wish. 
"Angel Feather" is a very powerful manifestation Essence.  Clients have asked me for an Angel Essence to lift their spirit,  help them manifest their wishes, and call in their Angels.
"Angel Feather" gives lightness of the Angels, with the strength of beauty, happiness, mental power!
Try new "Angel Feather", the perfect summer Angel Essence to spray over your Crown Chakra 1-6 times a day.
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