Please email me with your testimony about The Angel Essences product line.  Let me know which product you have been using and how it has affected your life.  Be sure to leave your name and email address so that I can properly thank you!  With your testimony, you will receive a discount on your next order of Angel Essence as my gift to you!  Many Blessings!
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"For Christmas, my sister bought me a Burning Soul Angel Essence that I was told to spray over the crown of my head 1-3 x/day in order to attract love. I kept it near my front door and when I was leaving the house I would spray some into the air above the crown of my head and let it fall onto me. 40 days later I met the man I will spend the rest of my life with, my soul mate, the person I had been looking for my entire life. We later discovered that we had met once before a year earlier but nothing had come of it. I believe that having Angel Essence made specifically for me changed the way I attracted people toward me. It may have been a contributor in how I met my true love.
Signed, " L. K."
"My testimonial is that the Personal Love Angel Essence has really had a positive impact on my Love Life.  About one month after I started using it and wearing it faithfully every day, I met a great guy thru a friend of mine.  I still wear it every day and especially when I am around him.  I really feel that this Essence's positive Energy has attracted a very positive and good relationship for me and continues to do so.  I see the difference in the interactions."  Signed, "L. L."

"I use the Burning Soul Angel Essence every day and I Love it.  It really helps to attract men to me.  It also gives me a wonderful uplifted feeling.

Signed, "L. H."
"I have Marylou's Angel Essence and it is wonderful".
Signed, "P.G."
"I was using the Amber Angel Essence for 2 months and it has brought an amazing shift in my life.
Previously I had problems at work, no help in my life, and did not know what to do.  The positive vibrations I got from the Amber Angel Essence are beyond words.
I am a very scientific person, and not always believing in things until they are proven.  Marylou's Amber Essence is something I like.
I mentioned that I cannot describe, after the 1st. month's use, how my Life changed.  Using it everyday, I noticed my job relations improved.  I got another opportunity to relocate and slowly problems vanished in relation to my job.
I started getting support from friends and my environment and coworkers for projects I was working on.  I can surely recommend Marylou's Angel Essences for bringing positivity into my life and making the Earth a better place for all of us.  Angel Essences spread and share light with all our actions and thoughts."
Signed, "J.S."