About Marylou Chapman
Marylou is a spiritual counselor, ordanined minister, teacher and lightworker.

Marylou Chapman has over 25 years of experience counseling, teaching basic and advanced metaphysics, providing assistance and giving spiritual and pastoral guidance.  Marylou has a consciousness, clairvoyance, clarity and accuracy which is rare and exciting.  She is a Manifestation Aromatherapist and has been designing generic and Special Blend Angel Essences for 6 years.
This amazing journey has started with one Angel Essence, and now there are over 25 Angel Essences and more to come!!

She has a Master's in Counseling, is an Ordained Minister and Credentialed Teacher.   She works with your Auric and Energy field, doing Essene Energy work for transformation.   She also does Angelic Light Healing.  
Using an Angel chart that you design, she gives Angel Messages to you in an Angel Chart Session.  These messages help to guide and assist you with life's challenges and joys.  She works in person and over the phone with clientele. She works by phone with clientele in the United States.  Marylou also is available for SKYPE sessions on the internet for sessions with those all over the world in Europe, South America, etc.  She is also available for Email Sessions.  
Look at this website for information where Marylou will be appearing at Holistic Expos, Conferences and Vendor Events!
​East Valley Lightworkers Inc. has become a very wonderful group of Lightworkers practicing here and in Phoenix.  You are cordially invited to attend a Gathering held two times a month in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.  You can email me at mlc192@aol.com or Facebook Message me for more information!!
Marylou is also available to perform weddings in traditional or unique ceremonies.
Marylou also does:   House Blessings, Release Ceremonies and Chakra  Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Releasing of Hooks, Cords, Ropes, Residue Negative Energy in and out of the Body, Etheric Wounds, Strings, Negative connections to past lives,  attachments, and the pulling out of the Body of wicked attachments.

You collect negative Energy in your Body, Mind and Spirit in your weak spots on and in your body.  Every person on Earth has a weak spot.  That is where negative Energy accumulates in your Energy Force.  Doing Angelic Light Healing releases the negative
Energy from your Body, Mind and Spirit.  There are 3 sessions to complete this work.
You will feel calmer, sleep better, chronic discomfort gets less or disappears totally.  Healing will take place in your total Body functions!!   Bad dreams or nightmares will go away as if by magic!!

e to reaching and giving seminars.  Her unique insights offers a deeper understanding of life's challenges and trials and helps those that she counsels to uplift themselves and find a path to greater understanding and healing.
Marylou   provides over the phone Angel Chart Sessions by appointment.
(tape provided upon request)  

$25 for 20 min.
$50 for 30 min.
$65.00 for 45 min.
1 hour for $75.00
$1/min after one hour.

Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Lightworkers Gathering

At locations in the East Valley!! 

Trust Your Angels Sanctuary
Chandler, Arizona
Lightworker Gatherings are held in the East Valley of Phoenix 2 times a month.  If you are signed up for my email list, more information is given out each week in the Angel News.  You are cordially invited to a Gathering as a guest.  Please let me know or RSVP at least one day before the Gathering.  
Wonderful, relaxing, fun time for LIghtworkers!!  
Receive your Messages from the other Lightworkers!!
$7.00 donation.
If you want to sign up for my email list, please email me and I will get you on the list as soon as possible!!
The Mantra for the Lightworkers is to help and serve!
By helping others, you help yourself.  Blessings

Angel Saturdays
Now taking 
for :

11:00 - 6:00pm
Trust Your Angels Sanctuary
in Chandler



My Angels and Guides have instructed
me to have Angel Saturdays
where you can receive
your Angel Messages
Special pricing of only
$1.00 a minute!!

Angel Saturday sessions
are available
in person at TYA Sanctuary
or over the phone and SKYPE.
Please call 480-802-1855
for appt.
You can also email me at
or Facebook Message me.


The first Saturday of every month
is Angel Healing Saturday

11:00 - 5:00 PM

You can receive your Angel Messages
from your Angels and Guides or also start the 
3 part Healing Program of 
Angelic Light Healing

Also available is Angelic Energy Infusions to clear and sustain your Energy and Life Forces
Good to have an Energy Infusion at least 
2 times a year for best results!

Chakra Balancing and Clearing

Aura Strengthening and Clearing


11:00 - 5:00 PM

Whenever there are 5 Saturdays
in the month, I will be offering
an ArchAngel Michael event on this day!

Call 480-802-1855 for an appt.
or you can email me at


Forecast for the Week
Angel News

You can sign up for 
Forecast for the Week
Angel News
Angel Essence News 
by emailing me at

Angel Sessions and Messages from your Angels and Guides and Ancestors are available Monday - Saturday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.  I offer evening hours during the week and on Saturdays by appointment only.​

I take Sundays off, unless you have an emergency situation and then I will schedule an appointment with you on that day.

I do appointments only at this time for all my Angelic work due to other commitments and my schedule.

Angel Saturdays are usually 2 times a month when I see clients by phone, in person, on SKYPE or email for only a $1.00 a minute, which is special pricing for these days only.

Angels Saturdays are special days during the month when sometimes gift cards and certificates are given out for the client.   A gift card or gift certificate is good for one year.  

Any questions about my Angel Sessions please contact me at mlc192@aol.com

"Have Angels,
Will Travel"
I am now available 
to travel to your home
 or business
for Angel Sessions, Private parties,
House Blessings and Release

In person or by phone!!

Trust Your Angels Sanctuary
Chandler, Arizona

Please be patient for
appointment.  Times
fill up quickly.
Call 480-802-1855
Private and Phone Angel Sessions.
$25 for 20 min.
$50 for 30 min.
$65.00 for 45 min.
1 hour for $75.00
$1/min after one hour.

Visa and Mastercard accepted.
for an 
Angel Chart
or an
Angel Essence